Meter Installations

A Complete Siteworks Package

We offer an end to end solution for electricity, gas and water metering & connections.

Concise Energy will co-ordinate with our energy suppliers to facilitate the laying of pipework/cabling up to installing the electricity/gas and water meter.

We can project manage the following from inception to completion:

  • New Service Connections
  • Upgrades/downgrades
  • Service disconnections
  • Relocations of services and meters
  • Installation of both standard and non-standard meters
  • Meter Installations
  • Meter removals

No More Estimated Bills

Smart Electricity meters and Gas AMR meters could replace your existing meter(s). They will measure your exact electricity and gas consumption and most importantly send all the information back to your energy supplier – meaning no more estimated bills. Thereby enabling you to accurately budget for your energy without the false assumptions of over or worse still under estimating…

We can also check your existing supply/consumption and if required exchange the meter if it/they are not appropriate for the consumption you use thereby saving on your current daily Standing Charge.

No More Manual Readings

The other major benefit of these meters is timesaving; due to eliminating the necessity of having to take manual readings.

Most business premises will be able to have Smart / AMR Meters installed & in many cases we will negotiate to have these installed free of charge.

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